Are you Afraid because this is about love?

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So are you afraid because I am going to talk about love,

And strangely this is really about fear first…Fear…it is playing a huge part in my life lately, mine and others I care about around me and I want to muse on this a bit.

Does it seem strange to you that many people think the answer to fear is movement. “Move forward through your fear” they say, make a decision and just keep going. There is so much stuff out there that motivates others to take Action, a lot of advice, posters, quotes and encouragement to tell us all, we can just take action and things happen, as if that is the answer to all our issues and questions.

“JUST DO IT” they say and that is great if you know a bit about what you are going to do and why you are to do it and yes in some cases doing something is certainly better than doing nothing.

Yet there must be more to this whole equation because as part of the human condition not taking the action we know is good for us in some way must have a real purpose, a driver , a core why . There must be some obvious reason why we choose to be personally un-resourceful because its not really the way we are designed to operate.

Its is neuroscience that confirms it , as thinking people we are best designed to promote ourselves in life, to seek the best way to survive and thrive and to choose options and paths that meet our needs and provide the best use of our resources. Yet one of the great mysteries in life is that despite this proven propensity and natural drive, we can still procrastinate on important issues or waste time or avoid or even run away from the things that will serve us best.

I have a belief that this comes from fear. Not the obvious he will smash in my head kind of fear but a deeper and more devious fear. A fear that masquerades as good decision-making, that pretends to be about logic or about calculated risks or about security. Its a fear that seeps into our bones and slowly eats away at our exuberance and our excitement for living like a cancer. It means we feel comforted by settling for the safe place or the accepted choice or the normal thing instead of expressing our hearts desire like the Faith Filled Warriors
we are all meant to be….I call it a fear of LOVE.

When you choose to stay in a job that is sapping your vitality instead of doing something that lights up your world you are choosing to listen to the fear of loving your mission and being true to your passions.

When you choose to follow advice or convention that deep down you know is strangling your creative and passionate self you are choosing to follow the fear of loving yourself.

When you choose to be OK instead of taking a chance on being MAGNIFICENT you are choosing to be afraid of the love of shining your light for all to see.

When you are choosing to walk away from a Soul Mate instead of risking being vulnerable to find true and divine connection and passion then you are choosing to walk away with a fear of loving unconditionally and completely.

There are many other times and events where the fear of love stops us from truly unlocking our power and joy and you will probably know them right now.

It is a huge human misunderstanding that fear has the force to stop us. It is an illusion that we all buy into because sometimes there is pain and all our life we have been conditioned by others, the community, our family and our culture to believe that pain is a terrible demon, something to be managed by avoidance, by acquiescence, by sublimating and by meekly handing over our power to choose love without even a protest.

Yet I know inside me and through watching the experience of others that pain is just a warning sign, a herald to announce to us the courage we will need to find and choose love. The next time no matter how small try to thank that pain for its purpose and choose with the courage of a warrior love for yourself, for your life for the world. And especially choose love for your Soul Mate because that is the highest expression of life.

Have faith (whatever faith works for you) that God has asked us all to choose love and then see how procrastination then just disappears like the broken illusion that it is.

Thank you friends for your love!

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